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TICK AND TREE PROMOTION: Our TICK and TREE promotion offers customers a discount on both their TREE SPRAY for defoliating insect pests and on their TICK control programs. Receive 10% off your Tick control price per application by prepaying, and receive 25% off your TREE SPRAY this year as well. That can translate to hundreds of dollars in savings. Please call for more info and mention our TICK and TREE promotion.

VOLE AND RODENT / TICK PROMOTION TICK CONTROL customers with service contracts of 5 Months or more are eligible to receive 10% off of their Vole and Rodent contract. These two programs together will really help us maintain control of both the ticks as well as the rodents on your property. CALL TODAY.

All Vole and Rodent monthly customers (April through November or Year Round) receive 25% off of Mole control services. This includes one month cycles and Mole Monitor as well. Savings are available during the contract period for your Vole and Rodent service. Your Vole and Rodent service must be paid in full. Please call for details. Thank you for choosing