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Tree Care Services to Preserve the Health & Beauty of Your Trees

Ensuring the health, safety, and beauty of trees in your landscape is crucial. ArborTech provides tree care services that help maintain trees' sustainability, longevity, and environmental benefits while also ensuring a safe and pleasant outdoor environment for property owners and communities. It's important to hire professional arborists, like our specialists, to properly care for and maintain trees while minimizing risks to both the trees and the surrounding areas.

Tree & Plant Healthcare

To protect your trees and shrubs from diseases, we start with a comprehensive inspection of your landscape by one of our trained professionals. Our arborist will assess the overall health of your plants and identify any issues affecting their well-being.

Based on this evaluation, we develop a customized plan to improve the condition of your landscape and preserve its vitality. Our approach to tree disease management is to use low-impact methods and ingredients that promote the sustainability of your plant material.

Our team also provides protection against insect infestation. We begin with a thorough inspection of your landscape to identify any infestations. Our arborists then develop a treatment program and conduct routine monitoring and maintenance to keep your landscape healthy and pest-free. We prioritize restoring the health of your trees and shrubs to help them naturally resist harmful insects.

Our philosophy is to use low-impact methods and ingredients that minimize populations of pest insects while preserving beneficial insects and maintaining ecological sustainability.

Soil Care
Soil Care

Maintaining the beauty of your landscape is crucial, and using tree fertilizer is one way to achieve it. Just like all living things, plants need nutrients to grow healthy and strong. However, in urban or suburban environments, trees often face a shortage of nutrients, which can pose a significant danger to their health. The natural nutrient source for trees is often removed in these environments, making it difficult for them to compete with other vegetation for remaining nutrient supplies and water. To prevent this, we recommend deep-root fertilization for your landscape in the spring and fall seasons. This will help replenish the nutrients in your soil, which will result in a thriving landscape.

Fruit Tree Care
Fruit Tree Care

Arbortech offers fruit tree care programs to help you achieve fresh and safe fruit production. Our programs are ecologically friendly, maximizing the potential of your fruit trees. Fruit trees are delicate and require appropriate care and nurturing to keep them healthy. Common problems like insect infestation, fungal infection, poor soil conditions, and inadequate watering can hinder fruit production. To recover your fruit trees, we provide professional evaluation services to establish a baseline for your tree's health, allowing us to create a comprehensive program tailored to your tree's specific needs. We also offer annual pruning services that help promote healthy growth and increase fruit productivity. We recommend hard pruning once a year to establish a healthy tree.

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